Siloscope is a site responsive installation that transforms a 100ft antique grain silo into a metaphorical telescope/microscope and viewing portal of an alternate universe.  Siloscope is a site responsive installation of a constructed celestial body inside a grain silo of Buffalo RiverWorks that intends to evoke a sense of wonder and mystery in audience members. … Read moreSiloscope

Your Message In The Bottles

Over 66 million results will turn up when you try to search “Utopia” on the web; more than half a million images, or over 16,100 online videos. Since the word was invented five centuries ago, it has been a topic of discussions and investigations amongst scholars and like-minded individuals. Contemporarily, from death metal rock concerts … Read moreYour Message In The Bottles

Twist & Twist

The collaboration began in May 2009, when Takamine visited ComPeung. Impressed by the sustainable frameworks, ComPeung’s self-built earthen architecture inspired the final project at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC). Twist & Twist focuses on the process rather than the finished product. Conceived by Takamine the project’s im/possibilities were being discussed between Takamine and the … Read moreTwist & Twist

Eak Ee Eak Eak

Eak–Ee–Eak–Eak was an exhibition questioning the truth created by language and symbols across cultures, using the construct “chicken” as a platform to explore this theme.  The work looked at the numerous, colorful uses and meanings of the construct “chicken” from a physical and literal level to an abstract and subjective level. For example: •          kai as a nick-name … Read moreEak Ee Eak Eak

Rotten Flower

Rotten Flower was a project questioning the standards of making sculpture in Thailand’s art universities. Teachers encouraged their students to creates art with particular materials and techniques, which were based on the classical western art such as wood, stone, metal, or clay. Art should be visually beautiful, showing hard working processes of craftsmanship. It also … Read moreRotten Flower