Doi Saket’s New Clothes Project

DoiSaket’s New Clothes was an investigation of the idea that many people believe something that is not true to fit in the common society because they want to be accepted. Our collaborations took the participants back to the countryside. Living with nature of the old days in the Doisaket District during the annual Loi Krathong Festival. By … Read moreDoi Saket’s New Clothes Project

Silence Party

Silence Party was an activity that created a neutral space where participants were able to share languages, experiences, ideas and identities.  This exchange was done through a simple, interactive structure.  The structure consisted of participants gathered in a circle, sometimes around a table or on floor mats.  A massive piece of paper was placed in the … Read moreSilence Party

Rotten Flower

Rotten Flower was a project questioning the standards of making sculpture in Thailand’s art universities. Teachers encouraged their students to creates art with particular materials and techniques, which were based on the classical western art such as wood, stone, metal, or clay. Art should be visually beautiful, showing hard working processes of craftsmanship. It also … Read moreRotten Flower