Ong Portrait

Ong Siraphisut (born 1979), also known as Pisithpong Siraphisut (พิสิฐพงศ์ สิระพิศุทธิ์), is a multidisciplinary artist from Chiang Mai, Thailand. His work focuses on innovative installations, public art interventions, and collaborations. Siraphisut earned a Bachelor of Arts from Chiang Mai University. In 2006, he founded ComPeung, Thailand’s first and longest-running independent artist residency program. There, he collaborated with over one hundred artists from diverse disciplines and countries, creating site-specific works with local materials, art interventions, and community based art projects.    

Siraphisut has also organized international music festivals, public art events, exhibitions, and cultural exchange programs. After over a decade with ComPeung, he sought to focus more on his own art practice. In 2019, following the birth of his son, he and his family moved to Rochester, NY, to start a new chapter in his art career. His recent works explore the intersection of art, spirituality, and shared identities through diverse mediums.