Interview with Ong from ComPeung Artist Residency

Pisithpong Siraphisut (Ong) is a multidisciplinary artist. In 2005 he founded ComPeung, the longest ongoing independent artist residency in Thailand. ComPeung doesn’t only provide a space but a playground, a home and freedom. Studio 88 talked to Ong about ComPeung and the reasons behind opening such a space in Doi Saket.

Interview with Pisithpong Siraphisut

Enoch Cheng: Your work often questions art and aesthetics, and how art is perceived. In Blind you were inspired by interviews with blind students and their concepts of beauty. You put textured objects into a container and blindfolded viewers, who were only permitted to see the objects after experiencing them.

Between art and environment: a Thailand Case Study | ASEF culture360

This case study is part of an Asia-Europe Foundation commissioned research project entitled ” Linking the Arts to Environment and Sustainable Development Issues “. The concept behind this research was based on the observation that carefully documented case studies can not only provide inspiration for networking and collaboration between Asia and Europe but also aid policy making and planning.