Doi Saket’s New Clothes Project

DoiSaket’s New Clothes was an investigation of the idea that many people believe something that is not true to fit in the common society because they want to be accepted.

Our collaborations took the participants back to the countryside. Living with nature of the old days in the Doisaket District during the annual Loi Krathong Festival.

By using vintage photographs of the local sceneries as a medium to bring back the participant’s memories, we also adapted special techniques of collage on-site as an element to represent identity, society and politics. We used the lyric from ‘Nhong Bua’ (Lotus Pond), the famous song in the 60’s written by a famous national songwriter about the pond where the festival was held to form our story. 


VINNPATARARIN is a multi-disciplinary fashion design based on cutting-edge experimentation of textile and architecture.Our philosophy is to see elements differently and using cross-disciplinary and theory to innovate and go beyond tradition.

FAHPAV is an architect specializing in computational design and digital fabrication. Her principal approach on architectural design projects involves the integration of digital specialization parallel with physical realization.

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Doi Saket’s New Clothes Project

Doi Saket’s New Clothes Project. 147 likes. Doi Saket New Clothes is a collaborative project between P. Siraphisut, VINNPATARARIN and FAHPAV for doi saket_inter art festival 2014 – 2015, Chiang Mai.