Turmeric & Charcoal

Moving from Northern Thailand to Upstate New York with my wife and our little baby is one of the biggest transitions in my life. We moved to our house at the beginning of the city’s lockdown, just before the big celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in March.

I began to draw portraits of my baby with the simple art materials I had, pencil and paper. Observing the Birth of my baby, the drawings became my personal therapy to cope with the pandemic and social distancing.

But every day, I couldn’t resist myself to read the news. From drawing Birth, I began to draw its reflection – Death.

I couldn’t find any traditional paints as every art supply stores were closed. So I had to invent it. I discovered that turmeric powder in my kitchen was the perfect recipe for my work. Turmeric has a very rich color thus contains powerful medical and spiritual properties when combining with charcoal.

This routine had become memories, which we carry together…with the hope of the new Birth.


Featured in Last Year On Earth Exhibition at Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York, USA.

by Tocsin Magazine, Rochester, NY

Year: 2020 – 2021
Dimension: 9″ x 12″ each, 181 editions 
Materials: turmeric, charcoal, vinegar, salt, paper
Venue: Rochester Contemporary Art Center,  New York, USA (2021)